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vCIO strategy consulting involves leveraging the expertise to provide insightful guidance and recommendations, aligning technology initiatives with overall business objectives, optimizing IT infrastructure, and fostering innovation for organizational success.

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Our Virtual CIO system not only manages and tracks.

But provides timely management reports that give analytical insights into your network performance, user histories, financial information, and data management.

  • Assist with on-boarding.
  • Escalation point for unresolved billing and contractual issues.
  • Assist with unresolved service issues and guide service operations evaluation of new solutions.
  • Create reports and mine data from different software/database sources to prepare and deliver QBR’s.
  • Effectively communicate features and benefits of solutions and managed client expectations throughout.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Our clients value the insights provided in the monthly and quarterly performance assessments, which encompass a comprehensive overview of key business metrics, accomplishments, and strategic recommendations. We can show where the trouble tickets come from within your organization, categorize them by type of issue and dig into the details if necessary. We will also provide information on upcoming projects, Cloud Backups, Antivirus Reports, and security updates to name a few.

Key Metrics and Financial Reporting

Key metrics and financial reporting for management encompass tracking and presenting relevant performance indicators and financial data specifically tailored for the management of the businesses responsibilities, offering insights into the effectiveness and efficiency of technology investments and initiatives.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT)

A successfully performing network needs the feedback from employees and management. Fidelity MSP does this by generating satisfaction surveys after each project and support ticket. The survey results are then compiled into reports for our clients so they can monitor performance, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to enhance the overall customer experience.