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Network Infrastructure Risk Assessment in Cleveland, OH

Fidelity Systems’ Network Infrastructure Risk Assessments analyze your current IT security policies, procedures, systems, and technology to create remedial recommendations and implementation plans.

Common IT Infrastructure Security Risks

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Ransomware and Malware

Without proper protection, Malware attacks can be a serious risk to your business. Ransomware attacks system endpoints and demands payments from users before restoring their access. Given how much it can debilitate your infrastructure and the potential data loss it can cause, having a cybersecurity risk assessment is of utmost importance.

No Expiring Passwords

Hackers will use every means necessary to gain access to your infrastructure, which is one of the reasons why it’s important to have passwords reset regularly. By not setting any passwords to expire, your company’s accounts will be more likely to be accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Steps for an Infrastructure Risk Assessment

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Evaluate Infrastructure

The first step in IT risk assessment is to thoroughly evaluate your company’s technology. This includes gathering all relevant information pertaining to your software, processes, and assets. By having a complete understanding of your IT system, you can have a better view of what potential problems could occur and the IT infrastructure you’ll need to reinforce.

Determine Vulnerabilities

Next, you’ll want to identify all possible vulnerabilities that could affect your technology and cause data loss, theft, and other problems. A vulnerability is something that could make your infrastructure prone to hacking or to a hazard. These vulnerabilities will be identified during your IT security risk assessment and can range from software theft to hardware damage.

Identify Threat

The third step in our network infrastructure risk assessment for Cleveland, OH, companies involves determining all possible threats that could bring harm to your business. These threats can be both manmade, like malware, or natural. For example, a natural threat could be a storm that floods your building and damages your hardware — destroying important data in the process.

Risk Assessment

With a better understanding of your infrastructure’s vulnerabilities and the potential threats they may encounter, it’s now time to assess the possibility that a particular threat will occur through an IT risk analysis. Because threats will have different likelihoods of occurring, businesses can denote specific ones as low or high. By ranking threats during the IT risk assessment process, your company can identify which problems are more serious and in need of attention.

Reduce Risk

The last step in cybersecurity risk assessment is to use the data that’s been gathered to identify what must be done to prevent threats. These actions could range from upgrading new anti-virus software to educating employees on how to identify phishing scams. Whatever the case may be for your organization, the purpose of the IT risk analysis is to identify your infrastructure’s weak points and patch them up as necessary.

Network Configurations and Upgrades to Avoid IT Security Risks

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Network Configuration and Upgrades

Outdated computer network hardware assets and software applications present opportunities for cybercriminals — and our network infrastructure risk assessments in Cleveland, OH, will ensure that those opportunities no longer exist. By taking the required steps to update the network hardware and operating systems configurations and install all upgrades across the network, our network risk assessment slams the door on any exterior security threats to your business.

Data Management and Organization

Do you know where your data is? Critical databases, spreadsheets, and documents scattered across desktop computers, laptops, and network servers can create a data management nightmare — and possibly create an infrastructure security risk. Fidelity MSP provides the consulting expertise to create an action plan for organized, accessible, and protected data.

Avoid Cyber Criminals With Our IT Security Risk Assessment

With the help of our network infrastructure risk assessment in Cleveland, OH, business owners can have peace of mind knowing that all weaknesses in their IT infrastructure will be identified. We understand how dangerous infrastructure security risks are for the continued safety and well-being of your business, which is why Fidelity MSP is dedicated to providing a thorough assessment of your technology.

In addition to risk management and cyber security assistance, we offer a variety of other services. From network administration to professional cable installations, you can always expect quality work from our team.

Interested in learning more about our network infrastructure risk assessment for Cleveland, OH, companies? Reach out to Fidelity MSP today and contact our help desk for additional details on how we can help you improve your network security.