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More than ever before, technology tools in the workplace must help improve connectivity and efficiency. This is especially true when you consider that over a quarter of the workforce is now working remotely (at least part-time), with some surveys showing that number closer to 50%. 

Microsoft 365 can help your team feel more connected at work while improving productivity across your business. 

1. Improves Employee Engagement & Fosters Innovation 

Meet Microsoft Viva – a single employee experience platform that will improve engagement and efficiency using AI and other technology. Microsoft Viva is comprised of six key components: 

Viva Connections: Fosters unity and engagement, facilitating contributions and alignment with the company’s vision. 

Viva Insights: Offers visibility into work processes and productivity with personalized insights to address challenges. 

Viva Topics: Uses AI to identify knowledge and experts, organizing them into shared topics for better information accessibility. 

Viva Learning: Promotes formal and informal learning while working. 

Viva Goals: Allows for goal-setting and teamwork to meet business priorities. 

Viva Engage: Fosters a sense of belonging and purpose by connecting employees in remote settings. 

2. Mobile Capabilities

Microsoft 365 offers each of its individual programs as apps for mobile devices. That means no matter where you are or how you go to work, you and your team will be able to access Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, etc., anytime. 

For companies relying on remote work, you can also use Planner, OneDrive, SharePoint, and more to keep your team connected on the go. The Microsoft 365 suite provides the programs and applications you need – when and where you need them the most. 

3. Social Enterprise Tools

Social tools within Microsoft 365 empower users to engage with content as seamlessly as they do with social media. Leveraging employees’ familiarity with platforms like Twitter and Facebook, these tools facilitate business tasks without any new training requirements. 

Social tools allow users to like, comment, and engage in forum-like threaded conversations. They can personalize news feeds for more relevant discussions, fostering informal knowledge sharing and improving productivity. 

Microsoft 365 includes Teams and Yammer, allowing for quicker, more effective collaboration than traditional email-based communications. 

4. SharePoint for Cloud Document Management

If you use Microsoft products, you likely already have some experience with SharePoint and OneDrive. These tools allow organizations to share files, documents, and general knowledge easily. 

SharePoint is a cloud-based library that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. This means employees can access documents, create and share new ones, and access information to improve productivity and performance. 

5.  Internal Communication Platforms

In large organizations, a corporate intranet is pivotal for diverse communication activities. SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365 streamlines intranet development, eliminating server management hassles. Integrated services like Microsoft Teams enhance external communication for efficient digital workplace collaboration.

These tools also help employees feel more connected to the company’s culture, and they provide a central resource hub for information sharing. 

6. Collaboration Tools 

The communication and collaboration tools in Microsoft 365 help to enhance internal and external collaboration. While email is ideal for recording information and official documents, it’s not the best option for more collaborative tasks. 

Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and instant messaging offer more effective options for quick questions and co-authoring. These tools are integrated into Microsoft 365 for a collaborative environment that still maintains rigorous security and compliance standards. 

7. Time-Saving Search Capabilities 

Users often face frustration when searching for documents buried in cluttered folders. Fortunately, Microsoft 365’s enterprise search capabilities offer efficient and cost-effective solutions. Search capabilities enhance document management, improve productivity, and integrate external content sources for streamlined searching. 

8. Ongoing Updates and Improvements

Unlike traditional software that demands constant maintenance and updates, Microsoft 365 offers an “evergreen” platform. The system is always improving and evolving, with regular updates and added capabilities. 

Instead of running updates, IT professionals can focus on providing other services. Microsoft 365 will take care of itself, with updates occurring on a quarterly or even monthly basis. 

9. Automated Business Processes

Plenty of businesses grapple with process management and updates. Microsoft 365 and the Power Platform make it easy with ready-made online forms, workflow management, and data storage solutions to help automate your processes. 

Using Microsoft Teams and Dataverse, all departments and team members can access solutions and tools. Plus, Microsoft 365 integrates external tools as well, such as pulling actions from email as part of your workflow. 

10. Improved Productivity and Cost-Savings

Rather than having multiple programs and apps to manage your operation, you can use Microsoft 365 as a fully integrated business solution. The Microsoft 365 suite improves teamwork and collaboration, helps with process automation, provides security and compliance solutions, and fosters innovation within the organization. 

The result is improved productivity with a lower overhead cost, meaning you’ll get a better return on your investment compared to other products. 

Unlock Your Company’s Full Potential with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides a comprehensive suite of tools with benefits that will transform the way your organization operates. From enhanced communication and collaboration to streamlining your processes, Microsoft 365 empowers your team to work more efficiently and productively. 

The ever-evolving nature of the platform ensures you’re always equipped with the latest features and capabilities with a strong focus on security and compliance

In a world where remote and hybrid work environments have become the new normal, Microsoft 365’s versatility and cloud-based solutions are essential. It allows your team to work from anywhere, while the powerful features make it easier to adapt to evolving business needs.